"Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight."

… and in recent news, the voice of an unseen girl has been heard around Burgess for the past few nights.

flashback, the lost and found //lucas


You would have thought by now the male would be used to the howls of his own pack… and he was- but this time he couldn’t help but think of them as enemies. As the strange canine tackled him to the ground Lucas didn’t retaliate, instead letting his fleshy form roll in the snow once or twice and quickly getting up to his knees. Their howls… jesus- blood curdling songs. They were hungry… What was he to do? Betray them? He knew this girl for barely an hour! Yet… he couldn’t let their fangs soil her chaste skin.

Golden orbs flickered around, looking at the snarling foe frantically before he opened his mouth to speak. “Look! I don’t want to hurt you and fucking christ I don’t even know if you can understand me! But you need to get her out of here! Please! Trust me!,” he pleaded over the thick sounds from afar. Finding frustration in every word he breathed, Lucas shook his head in defeat. He had to do something… anything- they would… he couldn’t let them.

This girl meant nothing to him and yet everything. She was the key, he needed her… it was a fact. The lupine male couldn’t put a finger on why but he simply didn’t care. “Look, you’re faster- go… go and find her! Take her somewhere safe! I’ll…,” looking frantically around he ran his fingers through his hair in utter distress. “I’ll come up with something! Please!…”

Before he could tell if the wolvine counterpart agreed, Lucas lurched forwards- his form twisting with a blackened inky shadow and quickly giving way to an unusually large wolf. Sliding on the ice the hound bounded forwards towards the direction of his pack… he didn’t know how he’d stop them- or even if he could. He’d try his might… he’d do anything.  


Wolf let loose another snarl, his fur rippling in a show of intimidation as he warned Lucas to stay back. There was some indication that he had heard, in that he didn’t pounce again; as soon as the man had collapsed into a different form, the alpha whirled to kick up a flurry of snow and race off as well.

At the edge of the forest, Red swung down to land a the top of a frost-covered hill. The dark hue of her cape was the most visible thing in the growing dusk, and she glanced back at the muted firelight of the houses past the hill; it would be easy to leap away, using the roofs as footholds.

Courage and caution flickered together in her heart; she saw the emerging figures in the forest ahead, and she chose.

The village was unguarded behind her, save for the regular line of humans who could do little against a group of werewolves. Without a second thought, Red cupped her hands around her mouth and bent forward to shout at the approaching group.

"Come and get me if you can!”

Then she ran again, trailing off at an angle to lead the hunt back into the forest.

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Break the Silence (Pitch & Red)


“You’re… Pitch Black”

Oh how that one line filled him with a sick, twisted sense of pleasure. Another who knew his name, the infamy was growing. Funny how the humans had stopped believing in the Boogeyman  but amongst other spirits he was still feared. Well, he wasn’t going to turn down the offer, what kind of Nightmare King would he be then? Fear was still fear, no matter where or whom it came from.

He approached the red girl, getting ever closer. but slowly so as if he were a hunter stalking it’s prey. The unhidden shake in her voice was delicious, delectable even, and the fear spirit couldn’t help but smirk. Taking in a deep breath, Pitch exhaled in an almost happy sigh. Though scaring some schoolchildren had been his initial intention, this was proving to be plenty of fun anyway. 

He watched with a sadistic gleam in his eyes as the girl clenched her fists and faced him, a valiant effort at hiding her nerves, he would at least give her credit for that. However it was crystal clear that she was putting on a mask, a front of bravery. He chuckled and cocked his head to the side “You’ve heard things of me? Well now. What sort of things?” he asked with bored curiosity before adding “I can see right through you, child, you don’t fool me.” 

A trail of ice seemed to crawl down the small of her back when he chuckled, and the younger spirit backed away without hesitation as he began to stalk forward. It was hard to keep from shaking, but she did; the sting of her nails began to prickle in her palms as she clenched them harder, but she turned her head to keep Pitch in sight nonetheless.

"Bad things." The concrete of the sidewalk pressed up under her insubstantial weight, keeping her steady. "Things like how you tried to take the world in shadow, and how to fight the nightmares that you’ve left everywhere." An image of the twisted and darkened horse mentioned rose in her mind and she took a breath, her eyes hardening for a moment. "How to fight you.”

But even if she had been warned, nothing could have prepared her for the chill that locked her joints up. It was one thing to speak of strength, another to prove it; when the King uttered a blunt jab, she flinched. "What do you want?"

flashback, the lost and found //lucas


As the dark haired girl insisted Lucas shook his head, golden orbs narrowing onto her dark ones at they clashed. “It’s not my choice,” he stated blankly noting the strong scent which wafted through the air. It was a familiar scent, one of a wolf’s and yet he knew it was foreign. There was no musk of human stench like the others had. This girl… she didn’t truly understand what they were hunting but Lucas was no fool. “You’re familiars?,” he asked rhetorically, knowing the answer already.

Taking a glance at the silhouetted form who’s ears pointed in the fading light the lupine male took a deep breath. “It would be wise for you to leave…,” he attempted to explain darkly, finding just as much trouble as she had when stating her province. “It’s not animals we’re hunting tonight…,” Lucas exhaled sharply, trailing his eyes from the top of the female’s head all the way down to her feet.

Squinting, a hand reached out- gripping her shoulder roughly as he pulled her close. His finger’s didn’t dissipate from her flesh, she wasn’t a ghost. She for the most part though immortal was flesh and blood. There was little chance the elites would pass the chance for easy game, especially with the rise in security the villages near by had. “You feel my hand? It’s tight- it hurts right?,” the wolf attempted to clarify more vividly.


Leaning down he made sure his eyes were locked onto hers, pulling her even more closely as the thought of her getting ripped to pieces made his hunger grow… yet heart ache. “My… pack- will fight yours to the death if they catch you out. They’ll target you. They will relentlessly attack… and trust me-,” he paused for a moment, releasing his iron grip from her shoulders. “There aren’t many things that can kill a werewolf.”

"My pack,” she corrected him, pressing the desperation down and back into her throat but skittering away when he reached out. Again, his grip pressed like a vise, and yet the rushing, senseless protection had been replaced by an intent to intimidate. Red cringed, her opposite hand instinctively rising to clasp and try to push his off.

Behind her, Wolf crested the hill — there was a guttural snarl, as he took the sight in and began to pound down the snowy slope toward the pair of spirits.

"Of course it hurts," the girl snapped, finding sudden indignation in defending her own motives. "But I’m not leaving them alone!" With a convulsive movement she tore away, just as he released her of his own volition; at the same time her alpha skidded up to roar at the unfamiliar werewolf, his ruff bristling into frosted spikes as he barked and growled.

Red didn’t let herself stop to think — if she did, perhaps she would break under the hopelessness that was not even having a weapon against the intruders — instead she backed up, balling her fists for courage. "And I won’t abandon the village-,"

She stopped short, fleeting panic crossing her face as she realized two things: that she had revealed the presence of actual humans by the forest, and that the approaching howls were not those of her pack.

Without a second thought she whirled, red cape opening behind her to hide the bend in her knees. There sounded a rare crunch of snow, from a lightweight spirit; she jumped, using that feathery quality of her existence to escape into a tree’s branches and flee through the canopy.

Wolf barreled toward Lucas in a rough tackle before bouncing back, buying his patron some time before turning to streak away as well.

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basically she’s running through the trees while wolf goes by land, to both escape lucas’s pack and get to the village first. ]

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Break the Silence (Pitch & Red)


The nightmare king had also been drawn to the very same museum, and he currently sat, curled up in the arms of one of the cold stone statues at the museums entrance, legs dangling lazily over the edge. Pitch watched the gaggle of school children enter with a bored expression, eyes surveying the group carefully, trying to decide if any of them would be an easy scarer. He stayed up there, lurking from his birds-eye viewpoint, simply waiting and watching. 

It was then that he noticed one of the children breaking away from the group. A girl, wearing a red cloak. Well now that was suspicious, it certainly wasn’t like anything the other schoolchildren were wearing. More to the point, they seemed not to even notice her. As he continued to watch the little red clad girl, he noticed her pause. And then there came such a delicious shiver that he couldn’t help but smirk.

Curiosity getting the better of him, Pitch floated down from his spot, using what little darkness he could conjure as a sort of levitation platform to get down to ground level. Stepping behind her, he could see from a closer distance now, that she was not human. He hadn’t been able to sense it before, but now it was obvious. So that meant…

Another spirit? Oh well this day was just getting more and more intriguing. Chuckling softly, he circled the little red one like a vulture “Why hello there. I don’t believe we’ve met.” the words were nice enough but his tone was like poison, sinister and slippery. 

She turned her head to check the road, a slight frown turning her lips downward as she searched. Perhaps it would be a good idea to visit cities more often; she felt lost, in this large whirl of activity and noise that was not muffled by snow. The spirit dropped a hand to her belt, feeling the dull weight of the weapon that was pressed between the small of her back and the thick cloth of her cape — but before she could consider anything else, a shadow fell over her frame.

The chill in her nerves intensified and Red spun around, shifting her weight to the platforms of her feet in preparation; she came face to face with a figure who was starkly familiar, despite this being their first meeting. "You’re… Pitch Black."

Like the frenetic beating of a rabbit’s foot, her voice wavered at the very last syllable. The innocence that she embodied seemed to twist and shy away at the King’s very presence, leaving her to clench her fists and put on as brave a front as she could muster. "Hello. We haven’t met, no. But I have heard things about you."

Anonymous sent: Where do you get your clothes from?


"It changes a bit as time goes on, so I don’t look completely like I did at first. My hood was from Grandmother, and the dress was a standard for my village."

"Two parts of my outfit were new."


"When I learned to fight, Moon advised that I guard my arms from my own weapons."

"Wolf found my cape in my old home. …Mother had intended to give it to me, before I disappeared."

Break the Silence (Open)


{{Well I might as well start somewhere, right? So here goes nothing ^^;; }}


It was easy for a nightmare king to become bored, particularly during the daytime. During the day, there was no darkness from which he could manifest himself, and no precious sleeping children to terrify with blackened dreams. Still, Pitch was growing rather sick of just hiding in his lair, and so wandered around the streets just to pass the time. “Let’s see if we can stir things up a little…” he mused, with a small smirk “What’s the fastest way to get some attention?”

It was rare for Red to venture into a real city, what with the bustle of the crowds and the blunt expanses of concrete; that did not mean she was shy of them, though, and today the spirit had decided to walk alongside a group of schoolchildren.

They were headed to a museum, it seemed; she sidestepped a particularly eager girl, red cape brushing gently along the sidewalk as she drifted apart from the group. Today, none of them had the focus to see her — Red waited, until the group had turned onto the path toward the building, before turning away. Perhaps she’d find a perch to watch the rest of the city from.

She took a few steps and suddenly shivered, feeling a chill unlike most. Wolf was not with her at the moment, and so her senses were limited; was there something nearby?

Anonymous sent: If you could, would you stop being immortal and return to a human life?


"These ‘what if’ questions are always tough and hypothetical!"

"If I had this choice all those years ago, I might have taken it. But my family’s gone now, and I can do a better job as a spirit than I can as a human. It’s not as if I don’t miss it, but…"

Anonymous sent: Are you bound to one forest or do you go to all of them?


"I live in the forest by my village, but I’m not tied to it by any ultimatums. If I want to visit another forest, I have to go there myself."